Become who you are

If you do one thing in this life,

Become who you are!

This imperative as expressed by Nietzche* has etched itself in my mind, offering increasingly profound insight the deeper I explore it.

I find this quote best interpreted in conjunction with another truth I have come to believe:

The only constant is change.

There is no standing still.  Our constant evolution is inevitable.   Throughout this process we call life we all face periods of growth, recouping, and shrinking back into ourselves.   But the more I intentionally get to know myself, the easier I find it to become who I am.  I can tell you how I like to spend my time, my favorite ways to interact with others, things that make me angry, what kind of balance I need to be happy.

Through years of self-exploration and discovery I have found a lifestyle that resonates with my soul, allowing me to become more of who I am every day.  I have watched others and myself live false lives; trying to conform or stand out in ways they hope will impress others but disrespect who they truly are.

There is not one way to find you are meant to become, and it appears the best technique is to see yourself and your life in as many ways as possible,

*I came across a discussion of this quote while reading Defining Moments.


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