Everything, Anywhere. The beauty of portable podcasts.

Today I found myself with 7 hours of bus rides to get from Madison to Champaign, and after a packed morning of packing, reading, running, lunch with my parents, and a final jump in the lake some down time didn’t sound half bad.   I got as comfortable as you can in coach bus seats, put in my headphones and encountered stories that took me from the beginning of time to Kenya to the moment of opportunity when suddenly the world could be anything.

Its hard to imagine a 30 minute podcast even attempting to cover “everything” – but these two drastically different angles are a good start.   If you only listen to part of it, make it the short story reading of a History of Everything, Including You which begins 3 minutes in.

The second segment of this episode of This American Life brought catapulted me back to Kenya with tales of buying cows, high density beds, and tattle tale neighbors.

For anyone who has ever wondered how improv artists get started this podcast might actually want you to step on stage. Or at least play imagination improv with your friends.


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