Experiments in Exposure

At the last minute I lucked into this incredible class.  I had heard rumors it was a cool class and even after the first day I am convinced.  Actually after watching this video I was convinced.  It’s called Writing with Video and here’s why I am excited:

  • It will force me to face my fears of using videos and be reason to carry around a camera
  • It will change the way I view the world.  Already I am noticing the familiar in new ways, capturing the world around me through the frame of a camera, and 
  • It will cause me to watch movies, videos, film – but from a different angle.  In general, I never watch movies.  In some respects I am internally resistant to sitting around watching movies (I’d rather be experiencing the world for myself) but this course just might change that. 

Throughout the class we have to keep a blog, so I will be documenting this process in a variety of ways.  


One of our first assignments is to “notice 10 things everyday” and then inscribe them in some fashion. Mostly I have been using my phone to take pictures.  Even this simple activity causes me to be more mindful of walking down hallways, seeing how different colors contrast, or pausing to inspect a reflection.


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