De-mystifying Technology

Martin Wolske, my community informatics studio professor, is a remarkable human being.  He does a lot of things, deals with a lot of things, and somehow stays impressively optimistic and energetic through it all.

This week I had the pleasure of attending 2 of the 5 workshops he led on de-mystifying technology.  These workshops were held in Kenwood Elementary school’s gymnasium for parents to learn how and why those mysterious machines we call computers behave the way they do.  We covered a dizzying number of topics – the components that make up a computer and the Internet, security, privacy, trouble shooting, E-toys (awesome new kid friendly FREE programming software), why computers are the way they are and lots more.  All participants were given the computer they spent the week working on in addition to the invaluable confidence to be the master of these machines.

I learned a lot about what it looks like to do meaningful research, to empower people, to break down barriers, and create a sense of community while doing it.  I wrote more about it here but I really just wish you could learn more about Martin and what he’s doing for action based research in the field of community informatics.


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