Be an exception, break through expectations

There is something about noticing exceptions.  When you start to notice exceptions to rules suddenly the rules don’t seem so rigid.  I hadn’t noticed this, at least not explicitly or in this context, until now.

I don’t mean laws.  I don’t mean sneaking an extra cookie. (Although this often holds true in these instances too.)  What I am talking about is in regards to outsiders, innovators, stereotype deifiers. 

I am talking about the times I noticed (sometimes subconsciously) someone doing something I wanted to do but didn’t have the courage, or didn’t know I wanted to do.   Like majoring in one thing, but pursuing a career in something [seemingly] not-so-related.  Or climbing a tree in a public(ish) park because you need a new perspective.  Or eating food out of a dumpster. Or making a batch of black bean brownies for dessert.

But once someone else goes first, once that rigid rule get snapped in your mind, possibilities grow from this crack.

The more times you see exceptions to certain rules, the more rules become guidelines, then misconceptions.  The more you notice people bending and breaking rules, the less you feel like you have to follow them.

The more you might pursue your own non-traditional career path, do handstands on a beach, or blend chickpeas with honey and cinnamon for lunch.

So be a role model, break rules proudly and loudly.


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