Re-imagining Work

Productivity is becoming the bulk of what we do at work… but productivity doing what?

What if we re-thought the way we worked?  This video has some compelling reasons why and how to re-imagine work itself. 

Being intentional about what you do at work, how you use your time and energy is the best (only?) way to not get sucked into traps of “pursuing productivity” these days.

Often the most productive way to spend your time doesn’t look productive.  It looks like slowing down, taking time to really think about about a problem and come up with a variety of solutions.  It means fighting that instinctive impulse to go with the first solution we find, to seek the shortest path from A to B, to just keep wading through work rather than taking time to step back, assess the big picture, and reassess our strategy for accomplishing the end goal.

I was just writing something on divergent thinking.  Something you should know from the start is that divergent thinking is not efficient.  It means letting your mind wander, dream, diverge.  But its how you generate ideas (options).  Many ideas – not just two or three.  Because sometimes the best option isn’t A or B.  It’s K or P. We have to get half way through the alphabet of options before we realize that there’s some really valuable options out there we choose to ignore. 

More on divergent thinking later, but for now really consider how you are working.  Are you getting work done or just getting things done?  Is your place of work helping or hurting?  What about technology?  Are you and your coworkers helping to multiply each other – or just distracting or depleting what you each could individually be doing?  

Go ahead, spend some time (maybe even a lot of time) re-imagining work.  The time you “lose” daydreaming will more than be made up if you find places for improvement. 


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