From Where I Stand

I am one of those people who can get lost in my own photo (10)head. After getting caught up in a whirlwind of new thoughts and ideas, I sometimes emerge and wonder if it is possible to be in this world but not actually be a part of it. Then there are days I’m hyper aware of what is going on around me, watch other people move through the world in similarly detached or disjointed states of existence. Look around… We are living through the screens of our fancy phones. We are absorbed in our area of expertise. We are outspoken about the issue we have made our own yet silent on so many others. We are all guilty of treating others as less than human. We are all innocent on account of being human.

It was in one of these moments when I re-emerged from the thoughts in my head and wondered once again if it is possible to get pechakucha176away from myself. Is it possible to escape living in a self-centered world? To know THE World through something other than the mind in my head that creates MY World.  So far my efforts to experience THE World in pure form tend to get swept up in a perpetual focus on me.  

Well later that night I found myself at a Pecha Kucha event conveniently themed: ‘From Where I Stand’.  I spent the rest of the night getting glimpses into 9 people’s worlds through 9 very different passions. I left further certain that to an extent we all exist within ourselves, but that through shared experiences and dialogue we can share these worlds.

But what this really got me thinking about, was the difference between the physical space we occupy and the mental space we occupy – and how our feet are usually the one thing that bridge these seemingly incompatible spaces.  And when I think about our feet, I think about the power they give us to choose where we stand.  Which in turn gives us the powphoto (9)er to choose how we integrate our physical world into our mental world and vice versa.  Where we stand both literally and metaphorically determines how we interact with THE World and how each of us creates that space in your head that becomes YOUR World.

So what does YOUR World look like? Are you standing in the place you should be?


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