The Art of Expanding Possibilities

People will continue to redefine creativity in their own words but my favorite definition will always be the art of expanding possibilities. To me, it’s this aspect of creativity that makes it so powerful. When you see the world as a space of infinitely unfolding possibilities it is easier to see room for the world you want to create. And if you can envision the world you want to create you can start down a path of creating that world.

I have done my share of wondering where this world is headed, had my share of pessimistic thoughts about our collective future, and gotten trapped in un-motivating thoughts of personal and societal failure. But ever since I have adopted a creative mindset, specifically a mindset that allows me to design my own possibilities, I’ve found myself with less pessimism and more optimism. There is a freeing empowerment when you can accept the state of the world at large while acknowledging the realm of what you can influence.

With a flexible mind you can argue that every single one of us changes the world, yet conversely no one has truly extended their influence so far as to change the whole world. We are not asked to. We are asked to influence those around us positively. We are asked to come alive. We are asked to live as well as we possible can, and to continue to stretch that further as we grow.

I’ve been doing a lot of life coaching lately (informally, for friends and family and formally, for students I am teaching) and I have seen the effects of people promised happiness (usually the wrong kind; the flashy commercial kind), of people with endless possibilities before them (paralyzed by too many choices), of people chasing our society’s definition of success only to be left with a lifestyle that leaves them empty.

There are alternatives. But they do require an alternative way of thinking.

My best advice (shorthand) is to start small, to start now, to start with only a next step not a life plan. Pick something. Pick one thing or two things that you are confident you like or confident you want to explore. Focus on designing an opportunity that encompasses those. From there you will start to see the expanding possibilities of where that will lead.

More on this to come. Or if a conversation seems more appropriate, email me: I’d love to hear from you.


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