Sometimes the problem is the solution

As an engineer I was taught to efficiently solve a problem. To define a problem under specific constraints and find a solution, to the best of my ability. But as a creative I began to see that both problems and solutions are always defined relative to your point of view. Sometimes the solution is the problem, sometimes the problem is the solution. But maybe the best practice is not to look at the world and start outlining problems, but to find what is good and focus on spreading that.

There’s a saying someone recently shared with me,

Focus on problems, see problems.

Focus on solutions, see solutions.

It’s been in my mind, and I keep noticing it’s truth. When someone complains about something others usually follow suit, offering their own complaint or at least nodding in agreement. But if someone shares insight on a solution or a positive point of view, that starts the chain reaction in the other direction – now people contribute more positives.

It comes back to this theory that we are all filters, and we can decide how to filter the things we think, feel, and share. Pass on what’s good and good will spread.

Notice and experiment with this. Let me know if you find the same.


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