A while back, I wanted a space to share thoughts, ideas, musings, and art.  This is it.   The writing and art is my own (unless noted), but all of it is inspired by others.  If you find something you like share it, recreate it, or edit it as you see fit.  Be part of the process and help creative inspiration spread.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I had the concept of creative thinking formally introduced to me.  Ever since I’ve been pursuing creativity from as many different angles as possible.  Turning it over and inside out, regularly pouring its tools onto the floor to build and tinker.  I’ve read books, observed artists in every stage of the process, and applied creative problem solving to every problem (opportunity) I come across.

I am learning from experts and teaching those who don’t know how much expertise they already possess.  Much of this has taken place in a tiny department housed in the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois called Option C.  We teach ENG 333: Creativity, Innovation, and Vision and recently published a book called Building Your Creativity.

I believe that each of us is creative and can enhance our creativity as we would any other skill.  I teach the creative process: Having ideas [Opportunity & Ideation] and Bringing ideas to Be [Initiative & Implementation] and have yet to find someone incapable of either task.

Some other truths I’ve come to know through learning, teaching, and living:

  • Each of us was created with the power to create and the ability to be creative.
  • Creativity is largely just connecting things in new ways.
  • Connectivity (the collection of connections) is largely what creates our [sense of] reality.
  • You design your own reality.
  • You influence how others experience their reality.

All this makes me believe that learning to use our creative minds is what allows us to control how we experience life.  And that makes me pretty confident Creativity is fundamental to living life fully.

If you want to connect, I’m friendly to new friends.

Eileen at emwalz@gmail.com

Never stop arriving

-Seth Godin




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