My Work

I am one of the lucky ones, the ones who’s work rarely feels like work.  I realized not terribly long ago that I am happiest when creating things.  Ever since then that’s what I spend the bulk of my energy doing.  In addition to teaching Creativity (ENG 333) at the University of Illinois, I’ve started classes, an alternative educational program, an internship program, and a space to share ideas.  There are always new challenges and new benefits to each project I pursue.  I tend to have too many ideas in my head and not enough time in my day.   I’ve fallen in love with the process of discovering something and then turning that discovery into something that is valuable for others.  This blog is a part of that.

My “line of work” looks more like a tree, with projects branching in different directions but usually centering on experience-based learning.  I am lucky enough to have a flexible job that gives me creative freedom, room to explore, and energy to pursue things outside of my formal responsibilities.  Technically I work for the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois which includes things like teaching a creativity class, leading the Honduras Water Project, and challenging students to see the world in new ways.


Eileen Walz


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